A downloadable game for Windows

A local co-op puzzle adventure game, where you and a friend play as a pair, act like one!

Combine and use various items together to solve puzzles,

All plushies of the daycare children have vanished! Play as their hands and find them.

Studio Mantasaur is a dutch startup game studio based in Utrecht. We are a small team that like to make lighthearted and colourful experiences.

Wouter Kamies
3D / VFX Artist


Ruben Hooijer
Lead Developer


Manou IJpelaar
Lead Game Designer


Douwe Heijmerink
3D Artist


If you have any questions or want to work together, feel free to send us a message at contact@studiomantasaur.nl

Visit our website for more information: www.studiomantasaur.nl


AHOD_Demo_Installer_V0.2.exe 212 MB
AHOD_VerticalSlice V0.2.zip 236 MB

Install instructions

The downloadable build is an executable file. Just start it up after unpacking the zip. Remember to at least connect one controller and one keyboard, or two controllers to be able to control both characters.


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Really nicely polished game with smooth character movement and music that resembles the working environment. Love the spawn particles and sounds. I wasn't sure how to move the blue character (probably just being stupid) so i couldn't play much of the game but it looked really fun to play!

Hey there Leasky02! Glad you enjoyed what you saw. Did you have a controler and a keyboard (or two controlers) plugged in? Our game is not playable on one keyboard, it needs at least one extra controler plugged in.